Honey Bee Asian Bistro


18541 E Hampden Ave #126, Aurora, CO, 80013-3596
  • Minimum $15.00 for delivery.

Type:Full service

Cuisine:American-Chinese,Asian fusion


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Strolling down the street, you may easily find some Chinese restaurant featuring Chinese food, but if you try to get into a Chinese restaurant to taste some other flavors in Asian counties, you might as well be a little patient. Well, here in Aurora, Connecticut, there’s a perfect Chinese establishment, Honey Bee Asian Bistro, proving delicious Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. With a area of 3000 square feet and a seating capacity of 150, the restaurant has been quietly serving the locals with delicious food for three years. Incorporated the western and Oriental elements in the interior decoration, the homey dining place will definitely suite your requirement for a comfortable dining environment.

While in the kitchen, there’s also something to recommend itself. The Thai Spring Roll, the Sesame Chicken, the Mongolian Beef, the noodles and so on, each and every in the list would  unquestionably leave you deeply impressed.. “Food quality is what we put our most effort in. To entertain and give people more surprise on their taste buds, we keep updating our menu choices while maintain the delicious old ones.” Said the owner, Mrs. Liu.

Desirable food, together with cozy dining ambience and considerable service, Honey Bee Asian Bistro by all means deserve your visit.

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